Friday, October 9, 2009

Here are Kevin and Amy's master pieces:

This is Matt and his girlfriend Heather. Aren't they a cute couple. He just graduated from high school and is currently working with Kevin at UPS, loading trucks. He is getting ready to go on a mission for our church, when he is 19 years old. Way to go Matt, Dad and I are very proud of you.

This is Kaleb being Kaleb!! I think that Kaleb is my most private child. He loves animals and says he wants to be a vet. Kaleb has a very strong personality and when he sets his mind to something it is very hard to change it. So I hope that he reaches that goal of being a VET!!! He will be a great one.

and more....

This is Haylee. She was not very happy to have her picture taken but I think she sure looks cute. I think she loves being the "baby" and she does it so well. It doesn't help that she is so darn cute and her brothers and sisters give into her.

Meet my Megan...She always has a smile for everyone. She loves animals and cna't wait to grow up and work with them. She plays "animals" with her cousins everyday. It cracks me up when they are crawling around on the floor being dogs or horses. (I am telling you she is a big time animal lover)

And this is "The Princess" or at least she thinks she is. Meet Victoria Noel (Tori). She loves to be the center of attention:) She is 13 going on 30 (Hahahaha - one of her favorite movies) And can we say boy crazy!!! I think she is out of control!!! One funny story I would like to share with you is with Tori and her Aunt Kim. Aunt Kim had Tori with her, going to the store, and Aunt Kim took the wrong road. Aunt Kim says to herself "I'm such a nerd" and Tori, trying to make her feel better, says "No you're not, nerds are smart". Needless to say, Kim could nopt quite laughing and we now use Tori's phrase quite a bit, as a joke of course.

This is Alex. He is a great kid!! He is very layed back and just does his own thing. He is ax xbox player from way back and is good at it. He loves to play soccer also and is great at that. It must be hard to be so cute.